Nov 262015

onaschoutsmall  by Bill Onasch

Our Canadian readers sensibly celebrate Thanksgiving earlier, back when baseball was still being played. El Niño is a very angry child indeed this year and I can be thankful that Kansas City is only getting record breaking rain instead of massive snowfall that has hit all around us. I hope our luck holds up through Sunday when our local Climate Action March and Rally takes place.

I was planning on taking this holiday off, varying my usual routine, and I’m not sending you any weighty message today. I don’t offer prayers of thanks. I try to thank my loving wife Mary, currently busy preparing our traditional Thanksgiving pasta fuzil, every day. But I do want to express secular gratitude to many who have shown support for the WIR with suggestions for content and/or financial donations. In a gesture of privacy I’ll use only first names and locations in more or less east to west order:

Traven in Vermont; Andy in Brooklyn; Tom in New Jersey; Michael in Philadelphia; Mark in Maryland; Chris in DC; Bonnie and Jerry in Cleveland; Larry in Detroit; Adam and Dave in Chicago; Carl in Madison; Adam in Superior; Dave, Michael and Peter in the Twin Cities; George in Tucson; Kathleen and Tom in Los Angeles; Ann in Oregon; Joan and Rita in Seattle; Gordon and Rod in Vancouver.

And, along with the indispensable support of my spouse I must acknowledge others in Kansas City who have been helpful in so many ways: Brianna; Jeff; Molly; and my oldest extant friend and collaborator, Tony.

And last but not least—thanks to all of our readers. Without you there would be no need for the rest of us.

That’s all for this Thanksgiving.

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Bill Onasch is a paid up NWU member

Bill Onasch is a paid up NWU member

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