KC Labor
For Class and Climate Justice

Founded March, 2000. An unofficial, not-for-profit site,
based in Kansas City, created and maintained by volunteer labor

Who We Are

The KC Labor website is:

• Pro-union
• Pro-
Labor Party Advocates
• Against wars of intervention and occupation such as Afghanistan
• For emergency action to meet the challenge of climate change
• For single-payer health care
• For solidarity of all workers of all lands and with immigrant workers in our own land
• For elimination of racism, sexism, religious bigotry, and homophobia that divide and weaken the working class

Founded in March, 2000, we have offered such features and events as,

• A Blog, with links to news stories, accompanied by commentary, updated by 9AM, Central, Monday-Friday
• A Week In Review column looking at timely topics of interest to working people
Labor Advocate Online, with more substantial trending and historical articles
• Topical resource pages providing useful links

• Initiated or co-sponsored conferences in Kansas City in 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2009

• We have also presented a number of Forums in the KC area over the years
• Donated web page space to the Kansas City Labor Party
• Publicized, and helped raise funds for numerous strikes in the USA and abroad

We receive no–and want no–grants, subsidies, or paid advertising. We never charge for site content. We do our work through a combination of volunteer labor–and donations from those who support our project. If you like what you see here please visit our Donate Page

Bill Onasch
webmaster, kclabor.org

About the Webmaster
The webmaster of the kclabor.org website is a paid-up member of UAW Local 1981—the National Writers Union. During the 70-80s, while employed at Litton Microwave’s Minneapolis operations, he was elected to various positions in UE Local 1139, including Shop Chairman and Local President. In 1980 he took a union leave from the plant to work on a successful UE organizing drive at a Litton runaway plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When Litton began shutting down its four Minneapolis plants Onasch was selected to be a worker representative in a Dislocated Worker Project administered by Minneapolis Community College—where he became a member of the Minnesota Education Association. Returning to his home town of Kansas City in 1989, he soon began a 14-year stint as a Metro bus driver. During that time he published a rank and file newsletter, Transit Truth, chaired a union Community Outreach Committee that organized public protests against cuts in transit service, helped organize a privatized spin-off at Johnson County Transit, and served a term as Vice-President of ATU Local 1287. He has also been involved in US Labor Against the War and the Labor Party since those organizations were launched and represents Midwest chapters on the Labor Party Interim National Council. 

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