Who We Are
Since March, 2000 Labor Advocate has been incorporated, as Labor Advocate Online, into the KC Labor web site. We are an independent, not for profit operation. We never charge for content, receive no subsidies from organizations, nor do we accept paid advertising.

While we strive for honesty and accuracy, adhering to professional journalistic standards, we do not pretend to be detached observers. True to our name we aim to champion the interests of the working class. We are pro-union, and support other labor movement organizations such as the Labor Party and US Labor Against the War.

We're based in Kansas City but we have a global perspective. We try to utilize the resources of the Internet to help advance the education, organization, and solidarity of the working class across all borders.

We also provide a news service, the Daily Labor News Digest, updated Monday-Saturday by 7AM Central.

We welcome comments and submission of articles though we can't promise that all will be published.

Since we are financially dependent on contributions from our readers we also welcome donations in any amount through our PayPal “donate” button. We also have a “subscribe” button where you can sign up for a monthly ten dollar contribution.

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