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We're Taking Back Our Old Name--And Old Job
When Labor Party Advocates launched the Labor Party at an enthusiastic Founding Convention of 1400 participants in 1996 it looked like at long last workers had a party of our own. The first several years were promising. But gradually key union support drifted back to the Democrats. Today, when we need such a party more than ever, the Labor Party has insufficient resources to meet the expectations of a party seriously contesting for power.

Labor Party Time? Not Yet. by Mark Dudzic and Katherine Isaac

The Kansas City Labor Party has decided to neither pretend we are something we're not--nor will we abandon the Labor Party project. We are reviving the name and tasks of the party's predecessor--Labor Party Advocates--to educate, agitate and organize for the reconstruction of a party of, by, and for the working class.

We remain committed to a vision of a party both rooted in the only mass organizations working people have--our unions--and in our communities where all who share our perspective are welcome, union member or not. As we build LPA in the Kansas City community we will also reach out to union bodies for endorsement and material support. And we will attempt to coordinate with other Labor Party units around the country as the national Labor Party winds down.

We still adhere to the Labor Party program, and the main resolutions adopted at party conventions. We will continue to update and enrich this valuable heritage to keep pace with issues such as war, climate change, and immigrant worker rights.

Call for Economic Justice--The Labor Party Program

Un llamado a la justicia econ�mica�Programa del Labor Party

Electoral Strategy of the Labor Party

Labor Party Time? Maybe Not Yet--
But Don't Hit the Snooze Button

A talk prepared for January 13 meeting of KC Labor Party Advocates
by Bill Onasch

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